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Our locally grown shade and ornamental trees, shrubs, edibles, ornamental grasses, perennials and annuals are in stock at Loma Vista's Northland garden center. Loma Vista Nursery has been growing quality container and field grown plant material since 1991.


5901 NE 96th Street    Kansas City, Missouri 64156

(435 & NE 96th Street)

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Garden Center Retail Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturdays: 8:00am - 4:30pm July and August

Sundays: Closed July and August


Closed Monday, September 1 for Labor Day.



Mums are coming soon to the garden center!




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August issue includes tips for Tiger Eyes Sumac, new at the nursery, August sale items, and summer watering tips.





Love Your Lawn, Love Your Garden

Summer is winding down and September is the best month for reseeding and complete lawn rennovation.  Loma Vista stocks Fescue Landscape Mix in 50lb bags.  We also have products for attacking weeds, grubs, insects and diseases!





Apply in summer,

Water in!

 Apply in July,

Water in!

Battle the insects

with Bug Blaster

 All-in-One Rose and

Flower Care



Love Your Lawn and Love Your Garden flyer.





New Plants for 2014/2015!  

We have dozens of new perennials, groundcovers, shrubs, ornamental and shade trees in production at our container farm in Ottawa and in our tree fields for 2014 and 2015.  Flyer with details





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We had a great time at the garden center on Mother's Day weekend and mom's received a free rose bush!  Here's a link to see images of mom's with their roses and the garden center.

Mother's Day Weekend 2014






Mulch and Topsoil Delivery is Available


We stock several types of bulk mulch, bulk topsoil, and bags of peat moss and Back to Nature soil amendments.  All are available for delivery to your residence.  Complete our Online Order Form and we'll give you a call to confirm your desired delivery date and details.


Planting Guide and Warranty


Complete the Loma Vista warranty card at the time of purchase and receive a one year warranty on most trees and shrubs.  Before you plant, it's important to know your site and plant health requirements.  Our Planting Guide and Warranty sheet has several tips for quickly establishing plants in your landscape along with details on our one year and five year warranties. 



5 Year Warranty with Myke Purchase




Plant with MYKE and have a healthier plant. It's guaranteed! Mycorhizae increases the nutrients and water absorption from the soil resulting in a plant that gets established faster in the landscape. With the purchase of the appropriate amount of MYKE, you will receive a five year warranty on most trees and shrubs. This is a one time warranty, customer must provide original sales receipt and bring in the dead plant to be replaced. See a sales associate at the nursery for the details.





Our groundcovers are available in a variety of sizes including landscape flats, quarts and gallons.  Below is a chart to help with determining the number of plants needed for a landscape bed.




Fundraising Events at Loma Vista


You provide the goodies, we'll provide the space.  Local civic organizations including youth church, scout and school groups are welcome to hold their fundraisers at the garden center.  Create a successful fundraiser by inviting the community, your friends and family.  Promote your event while getting ready and during the day on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Let the community know who you are and what the raised funds will be used to support.  We'll promote your event on our Facebook page and website.  Don't forget to bring eye catching signs, displays, coins and dollars for making change, a table and chairs, and adult supervision!  Call Susan at 913-897-7010 or email to schedule your fundraising event. 


Locally Grown Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, Perennials and Groundcovers

Some of our locally grown nursery stock now available at this location:

Tree Field Photos - click on the link for images of our tree fields.


Container Farm Photos - click on the link for images of our crops and the container farm.


Cross Reference Guide is a great tool for assistance with plant names.





Edibles 2014  



Proven Winners is America's number one plant brand.  You'll find Proven Winners' shrubs at Loma Vista.

Proven Winners 2013/2014

PW Seasonal Interest List


New, bold, beautiful, color with First Editions' shrubs, vines and trees available at Loma Vista.

First Editions 2013/2014



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At the Live Inventory link, select the KCMO Landscape Distribution Center in the upper right hand corner.




Now on Sale During August!


10% off Limelight Hydrangeas and Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas

Create a beautiful place to escape from the sun.  All you need is a tree, a bench and a few shade loving plants such as hydrangeas, azaleas, hostas, coral bells and astilbe.  You provide the bench, we have the plants.  Best of all, the Limelight Hydrangeas and Bloom-A-Thon Azaleas are on sale. 



Plant Profile



Tiger Eyes Sumac

Bright chartreuse foliage emerges in the spring and turns coral and red in the fall.  Does best in full sun with limited moisture.  Matures 6' x 6', colonizing habit.  Tolerant of poor soil and black walnut trees.  Also, does well in containers for patios. 


Companion plants include Coneflowers, Sedums, Rudbeckia, Catmint, Russian Sage, Daisies, Caryopteris, Garden Phlox, Monarda, Prairie Dropseed.


Growing Tips: Grows best in full sun.   



Crapemyrtles Like it Hot!

Perfect for a sunny location in your garden, Crapemyrtles come in a variety of colors.  Shown above is Pink Velour.  #3/5 sizes are perfect for mixed borders. 


Companion Plants:  Catmint, Russian Sage, Coneflowers, Rudbeckia, Prairie Dropseed.


Growing Tips: Plant in a hot, sunny location.  Remember, crapemyrtles die back in the winter time and will slowly releaf in late spring.  At that time, cut the canes back to the new growth.   


 Garden Tips


Allan Armitage's Greast Perennials and Annuals app is a great gardening resource with images, descriptions and tips for success.  Designed for both iPhone and iPad, it is available through iTunes.


Garden Club Members

Show your garden club membership card at Loma Vista's Garden Center in Kansas City and receive 10% off regular priced merchandise.  Qualifying clubs:

Gardeners Connect

Northland Garden Club

Call Susan at 913-897-7010 to add your club to this list.


Garden Help Hotlines

Greater Kansas City Missouri 816-833-8733

Johnson County, Missouri 660-747-3193

Johnson County, Kansas 913-715-7050


 Garden Shows and Events

Powell Gardens' Festival of Butterflies, Powell Gardens, August 1-3 and 8-10.

Music on the Terrace, Overland Park Arboretum, August 7, 14, 21, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Moonlight and Mint Juleps Tour, Northland Garden Club, August 8.

Wild Ones: Lotions, Potions and Notions.  Learn how to make organic salves and lotions from native plants.  Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center, August 19.


Local Gardens Open Year Round

Kauffman Memorial Gardens
Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
Powell Gardens



Summer Watering Tips by K-State Extension.

Watering Newly Planted and Young Trees and Shrubs by K-State



Selecting Shrubs, Check the Root Ball by K-State Research and Extension
Link to K-State Research and Extension Lawn and Garden Videos.


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